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A Growing History of Environmental Cleanup

EnviroBEE is a reliable cleanup company serving the Carolinas and Virginia. We are a BBB-accredited business and a DBA for Boyer Enterprises East, LLC. Our company is founded on dedication and hard work. Our founder Bill Boyer established the business in November 2018 and began operations in January 2019. They worked from their home, providing services to their local area. Since then, the company has grown exponentially. Bill has over 20 years of experience in cleanup and environmental remediation, and our EH&S director has 17 years of experience assisting industrial and commercial clients. We continually work to expand our reach and professional expertise.

Meet the Team

Our company has a determined and hardworking team that goes the extra mile to ensure satisfactory results. We provide extensive commercial and industrial services to our clients on federal, state, and local levels. Our experts and directors assist commercial and industrial clients with environmental, health, and safety regulations. We stay updated on the latest practices, techniques, and knowledge to provide the best possible services. No matter what environmental or waste removal work you need to do, we have the industrial and consulting services you need. Our team will provide you with an excellent work ethic and outstanding customer service.

About Our Facility

We have a wide range of equipment and service capability at our facility. We can provide our commercial clients with ten-day storage for hazardous waste and transportation for used oil and non-hazardous or universal waste. We are equipped with proper equipment for hazardous waste removal. Our team was rated exceptional by ISNetworld. We are Avetta compliant and contractor compliant with a clean OSHA and SAFER record. Our company adheres to environmental compliance, including stormwater coverage and pollution prevention. To learn more about our ratings and certifications, see the following facility information:

  • FEID/TlN: 83-2509477
  • DUNS: 116957517
  • EPA ID: NCR000179119
    • 10-Day Storage for Hazardous Waste
    • Hazardous Waste Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG)
    • Used Oil Transporter
    • Non-Hazardous & Universal Waste Transporter
  • USDOT: 3229013
  • HAZMAT Endorsement
  • NCTF: 00000081
  • SIC codes:
    • 4214 Transportation with Storage
    • 4225 General Warehousing with Storage
  • Environmental Compliance:
    • NPDES Stormwater Certificate of Coverage NCG081003 / Stormwater Pollution
    • Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
    • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC)
    • Emergency Response Contingency Plan
  • Ratings:
    • EMR 0.91
    • ISNetworld Rating: Exceptional/Superior
    • Avetta: Compliant
    • Contractor Compliance: Compliant

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