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waste water in containers

Waste Water Regulations

Facilities that store 1320 gallons of oil on their premises must follow Federal regulations in 40 CFR 112. Originally published in 1973 under the authority of §311 of the Clean Water Act, the Oil Pollution Prevention regulation sets forth requirements for the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to oil discharges at specific non-transportation-related facilities. The goal of this regulation is to prevent oil from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines and to contain discharges of oil. The regulation requires these facilities to develop and implement Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans and establish procedures, methods, and equipment requirements (Subparts A, B, and C). EnviroBEE will develop custom SPCC plans specific to your facility based on Federal and State regulations. Our professionals will conduct a comprehensive site visit and determine whether the regulations apply to your facility. We will develop a plan, inspection forms, procedures for spill response and containment, and contingency plans if applicable.

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