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Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization, or PPWM

PPWM ensures that cost-effective pollution prevention/waste minimization measures are an integral part of a facility’s operations. EnviroBEE recognizes the benefits of implementing PPWM practices, which include the conservation of resources, a safer workplace, a cleaner environment, increased productivity, and reduced waste management costs, regulatory requirements, and environmental liability. EnviroBEE will develop a plan that documents the facility’s goals, methods, and activities that will be routinely employed to prevent or reduce waste generation for each year. We also report historical waste generation quantities and significant waste minimization accomplishments. The plan also includes a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, employee training, record keeping, reporting, and monitoring requirements. The scope of the PPWM plan covers a large spectrum of regulations at various levels. PPWM plans developed by EnviroBEE satisfy the requirements to have such a plan in place under hazardous waste, air emissions, wastewater, industrial storm water, and toxic release reporting requirements.

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